All Saints' Church, South Cave

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Our Small Groups

All Saints’ Church has a wide range of small groups.

Small groups are an important part of church life because in small groups:

-Friendship and fellowship grows and each member of the group is known, valued and cared for.

– People can learn to understand the Bible and their faith together and discover what being a Christian means today.

– There is a safe place to share doubts and fears and concerns.

– People can learn that praying together makes a difference and may bring help and healing.

Small Groups & Jesus

Early in His ministry Jesus called together twelve disciples to come and work with Him. It was a small group united in learning from Jesus how to live and to do the work that the Lord our God called them to do. Ever since, when the church has been at its healthiest, there have been small groups of Christians meeting together.

It was the small groups, meeting in homes, which gave the early Christians the support they needed to live out their lives in relationship with God within a hostile environment. The heart and spirit of the early church found its expression in caring communities of Christians meeting together in fellowship to worship, to learn and grow in the faith.

The Importance of Small Groups

The importance of small group fellowship can be seen throughout the history of the church. In the reformation small groups met together to study the scriptures. The great strength of early Methodism was the Class Meetings where those who were drawn to the church by the Wesley preaching and hymns learned to become true followers of Jesus.

When in the 1950’s the communists forced all foreign missionaries to leave China many despaired for the tiny church, which began to experience sustained persecution. As China begins to open up it is evident that the church has grown, through that time of persecution, beyond all hopes because of Christians meeting in small groups.


Here are the contact names and telephone numbers of the Home-Group leaders:-

Richard Syson             424086

Maureen Gladstone     422058

Barry Buxton                423616

Dorothy Crawshaw      421803

Sarah Wilson               425486

Linda Gorman              470815

Please feel welcome to contact any of the leaders if you would like to start attending a home-group near you, or if you would just like to ask a question about the home-groups. The venues sometimes change. There is a ladies-only group that meets on Thursday afternoons.