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Worldwide Mission Links

All Saints’ Church has been involved in supporting a number of mission links across the world for a number of years. On this page you can see an overview of our links alongside some more up-to-date information on the projects we support.

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Mission Link Overviews

TimCurtisTim Curtis is supported by SAMS (The South American Missions Society) to work with the Anglican Church of Paraguay.

Tim is training and working with three EnXit translators (Juan, Asuncion and Martin) on the second phase of the project to translate the Bible into the EnXit language. They work from Spanish translating to EnXit.

Asuncion is one of the Enxit translators. The use of modern laptop computers and special programmes produced by the Bible Society has made it possible to work much more efficiently in the translation of the Scripture.

Link Letter No.20  Tim Curtis Paraguayan Chaco May 2016

Dear friends,


Launching the Énxet Bible

I am so happy to be able to share with you the wonderful new that the dedication of the Énxet Bible has taken place! We were able to go ahead as planned with the launch of it on April 16. The bibles arrived at the diocesan office of the Anglican church of Paraguay in Asunción on March 29, in plenty of time for the launch. It was a tremendous relief to actually have them here at last, and a pleasure to see how good they looked and felt in my hand as I read some of my favourite Bible passages. I phoned my colleagues on the team to let them know they had arrived. Translator Asunción Rojas, Bishop Peter Bartlett and I were the first to actually see the bibles. I quickly sent off copies to Martin and Juan.

Tim Curtis Update on Work in the Chaco

To see Tim’s video, click here : Tim Curtis Update May 2020

Chris Rigg is the Local Secretary for SAMS at All Saints’ South Cave.


Other Mission Links

CMS Mission Links     Bisoke Balikenga _Church Mission Society.htm
We have two special links with Congo. Following the retirement of Judy Acheson we now support Bisoke Balikenga, the Anglican National youthworker is working with the Anglican churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is struggling to establish law and order within its borders after years of disorder and private armies. Bisoke is working with the Dioceses there to promote reconciliation especially among the young people.

We have a second link with the D.R. Congo

The College has been badly disrupted by the Civil War and ethnic violence but has managed to continue to train people for God’s work in lay and ordained ministy.



Dear Friends,

Please join in prayer and praise for all that God is doing in the Anglican Church of Congo:

Changes in Leadership:

Give thanks for the appointment of Bishop Masimango of Kindu as Archbishop-elect and pray for God’s equipping as he leads the national church and his own diocese.

Give thanks for Archbishop Isingoma’s long and dedicated ministry as bishop and archbishop, and for Mama Mugisa’s wide and fruitful ministry amongst women; pray for rest and restoration and God’s leading for their future ministry.

Pray for Bishop Achille who is now the Diocesan Bishop of Kinshasa, and for the many challenges in mission in this urban context.

Pray wisdom and discernment of the Lord’s will for the Diocese of Bukavu’s synod, meeting on 28th-29th July in Goma, to choose two candidates as bishop for the new diocese of Goma.  Likewise pray for the Diocese of Katanga’s synod, meeting 8th–9th August, which will choose two candidates as bishop to replace Bishop Kasima later this year when he retires.  The House of Bishops will make the final selections.

Mr Amuda Baba has been appointed as the new Rector of UAC; Rev Dr Yossa Way returns to the post of Academic Dean.  Pray for the management team at UAC under Amuda’s leadership.

Youth mission conferences in August:

Bukavu Diocese – bringing together youth from parishes that didn’t attend last year’s conference, on the theme of ‘Young people as agents for peace and reconciliation’.   (Supported by CCA)

Boga Diocese – 200 delegates including youth and Sunday school teachers will gather in Bunia.  The theme is ‘You are God’s workmanship’. (Supported by SOMA and led by an international team from Kenya, Uganda and DRC)

Academic institutions across DRC will close the academic year at the end of July.  Pray for students graduating from the Anglican University of Congo and the Nursing and Dental School in Aru as they return home, look for jobs and seek to live for Christ.  Also pray for selection of new students for these institutions and for the Diocesan Bible Schools.

Rev Bisoke gives thanks for the successful training conference for youth and Sunday school leaders; pray for God’s blessing on these leaders as they respond to the many challenges and opportunities for mission and social transformation in their respective areas.  Bisoke and his wife Furaha will be returning to Kenya for her medical check in August – her condition has improved, so thanks for your prayers, but she is not yet healed.

Continue to pray for an end to atrocities in the Beni region in North Kivu Diocese and for those displaced from their homes.

Thank you for your prayers.

CCA Committee



Tim and Diana Greene are our local representatives to keep in touch with ISThA. tim [at (remove gaps and use the @ symbol instead of [at])

Tearfund (Christian Action with the Worlds Poor) Val & Chris Woodyatt are our local representatives to keep in touch with Tearfund.

National Childrens Homes (helping vulnerable children in the UK) Liz Caley & Marion Briars.

Open Doors Project (working with asylum seekers in Hull) Joan Selby has been volunteering regularly for many years, and is our link.

Links are maintained through the Mission Action Support Team, chaired jointly by  Christopher Woodyatt

CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society) who are the patrons of All Saint’s Church. We subsidise 1 place annually at a CPAS Falcon summer camp for disadvantaged children.